The Son’s Blood

This certainly hits close to home!

Epiphanies Of A Perpetually Growing Christian

Consider this story I recently heard…

The day is over and you are driving home. The radio tells about a faraway village in which three persons have died suddenly, strangely, of a flu of unknown origin. It’s kind of interesting.

On Sunday, coming home from church, you hear another news release. Only now it’s not three villagers in some remote part of India, but thirty thousand persons in a city near that remote village. Tonight all the major news channels carry the story.

By Monday morning mysterious death is the lead story. For it is not just India; it’s Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran. And before you know it, you’re hearing this story everywhere. Medical authorities are calling it the mystery flu. Panic strikes. The Surgeon General is advising that once the mystery flu is contracted, it lies dormant for about a week. Four days of unbelievable pain and suffering follow; then death—certain…

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I guess we’re doing something right!

In the car on the way home from the mall, my 3 year old son asks where Jesus is, so the wife explains a little bit about Jesus being in Heaven with God.  Then a few minutes later my 5 year old daughter tells the boy, ‘God is all around us, He’s right between us!’.  To which my son responds, ‘thats just a toy doggy’. 

Love it!